Azure Advisor – Best Practice

The new Azure Advisor is a fantastic new services that gives you the proactive tools to ensure best practices guidance on High Availability, Security, Performance and Cost when using Azure. Azure Advisor digs deep into your Azure subscription and analyzes your resource configuration, usage &  detect’s risks and potential issues.  The Azure Advisor then draws on Azure best practices to recommend solutions & configurations that will reduce your cost and improve the security, performance, and reliability of your applications.

Microsoft have done a really good job here with this new services as its really easy to use and get the very best out of your Azure solution. You just login to the Azure portal and select Azure Advisor. You then select your subscription and click the “Get recommendations” button.  Wait for the magic to happen and you will  see a list of recommendations, that you can filter based on category High Availability, Security, Performance, Cost. Depending on the recommendations you can decide to perform the fix.

The Benefits of Azure Advisor are clear. After using & implementing the recommendations from the Azure Advisor you should have maximized your spend, increased your security,  enhanced the performance  while increasing the high availability of the solutions.