Rossport Pharmaceutical – Data Driven Decisions

The Company

Rossport Pharmaceutical is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of Nicotine Replacement Therapy products to the Irish, British and European markets. It manufacturers in Shenzhen, China, has its HQ in Belfast and incorporates 29 other sites spread diversely

The Challenge

Rossport has a problem gathering data from the Zoho inventory management system, a number of spreadsheets, the accounts package, and some supplementary costs related factory data. To product summary management figures, approximately 105 work days per annum were used on data entry or correlating the data from many sources. Duplication of data entry was often the case, and inaccuracies were commonplace. By the time the data was correlated and presented at the management meeting, it was often out of date in a fast-evolving marketplace. Following a pricing error that cost approximately €48,000, it was decided that an Azure-based solution was required, with access throughout the company estate, and with live summaries facilitating data-driven management decisions.

The Solution

In just nine weeks, CloudStrong cleansed, prepared and migrated all relevant company data to the Microsoft office365 platform. This meant that the data could be accessed or gathered from any company property through SharePoint. Security and audit rules were put in place, and a managed service contract was agreed. Following on from the Microsoft office365 migration, PowerBi was used to provide an instant feed of all critical business performance data. PowerBi is now a critical tool in all management decisions.

Key Benefits

·         Accuracy of Reports
·         Instantaneous Reporting
·         Backup and DR improvements
·         Security
·         Audit Trail
·         Considerable Cost Saving
·         Scalability
·         Flexibility and Scalability
·         Facilitated Regulatory requirements
·         No Disruption to Existing Operations


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