Wills Bros – Office365 & Sharepoint

The Company

Wills Bros Ltd. is a diverse civil engineering contracting company with an annual turnover in excess of €90,000,000 and is at the forefront of infrastructural development.

“I would highly recommend CloudStrong for their ability to deliver an office365 email and SharePoint project.” Said Marcin Nowosiadły, Group IT manager.

The Challenge

Wills Bros Ltd was considering a move to Microsoft’s Office365 Cloud platform primarily to improve communications & share files between their 5 different remote locations. They had heard that the SharePoint component of the Office365 platform could fulfill this requirement but had struggled to locate an IT partner with the required knowledge and skills to help them with the transition from an on-premise conventional file server solution to a cloud-based document management environment. While many of the partners they engaged with could manage the ‘Email Migration’ component, none could really explain how SharePoint could fulfill their needs or guarantee a successful user experience.

“A big concern with our management team regarding this office365 project was to do with potential disruption to our 250 employees. CloudStrong has been instrumental in ensuring that everything works seamlessly with no disruption.” Said Marcin Nowosiadły, Group IT manager.

The Solution

CloudStrong was selected as Wills Bros Microsoft Cloud partner as they had extensive experience in Email, SharePoint and Power BI  components of the Microsoft Office365 platform. A demonstration was arranged and Wills Bros management was shown the key features of the SharePoint document management system and the benefits that this would bring to the organisation. The demonstration explained how SharePoint Sites could represent departments within the company and SharePoint Libraries could be created to represent file folders that they were used to working with.  Each department now has its own site created with a familiar library structure where users can drag and drop all their documentation for easy indexing and retrieval.

“The team at CloudStrong really know their stuff when it comes to the Microsoft Cloud.  I found them very easy to engage with and again I would recommend the team at CloudStrong. ” Said Marcin Nowosiadły, Group IT manager.