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Rise above your competition by moving faster, making quicker decisions,
gaining new insights from analysing and visualising your data.

Data Analytics

CloudStrong provide data analytics services that help companies grow. We convert historical and real-time data into insights, we deliver data analytics solutions that cover data quality assurance, data integration, data management, data visualization and more.

Visualise data: it allows anyone within an organisation to quickly grasp difficult concepts and identify new patterns in data without the need for complex analysis
Data diversity: Bridge the gap between all your different data sources, maximise all your data.
Agile analytics: Move faster with less, time is key to gaining actionable insights from data.
Self-service analytics: Empowering employees to create their own dashboard and drive data insights.
Quicker & better decisions: Timely, accurate and relative (TAR) insights to make quicker and better decisions.

Data Analytics Service

  • Enterprise Data warehouse Design and Build
  • Enterprise Data Integration (ETL, SSIS, Azure data factor)
  • Enterprise SSRS Design and Build
  • Data Platform Architecture and Strategy
  • Data visualisation and dash-boarding
  • Enterprise Big data management
  • Machine learning
  • Data analytic consultancy

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The Company Rossport Pharmaceutical is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of Nicotine Replacement Therapy products to the Irish, British and...