Disaster Recovery as a Services

CloudStrong's DR as a Service can protect your company’s critical systems, data and applications in as little as 3 hours.

Disaster Recovery as a Services

While most businesses regularly back up their mission-critical business data, disaster recovery is often neglected, particularly by smaller organisations. It doesn’t always have to be dramatic events such as fire, flooding or theft that cause data loss. More mundane instances of human error, cyber-attacks, power outages and hardware failure can compromise your data and bring business operations to a shuddering halt.


Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • A reliable DR as a Services solution
  • Documented recovery process
  • Access to expert resources 
  • Reduced costs of operations

  • Increased agility and scalability
  • Managed Service for complete reliability
  • Easy access to systems online for testing 
  • Ease of recovery testing 


Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year - Winner

It’s our approach to moving businesses and their applications to the Microsoft cloud that has led us to win Microsoft Cloud Hosting Provider of the year 2015 and finalist in 2016.

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