Protecting your data

CloudStrong PC & Server backup provides you with a simple and reliable online backup solution, making sure your business critical data is safe and secure.
With no large investment in hardware, equipment or software required, you can be up and running with an enterprise grade solution in hours.

Data is now the most valuable business asset, yet for many businesses the cost, time and effort to create an efficient in-house data backup architecture has meant it is simply not viable.

Yet when data is not properly backed up, businesses leave themselves vulnerable to data loss – which can range from a few documents, to years of proprietary IP.

Have a plan so you’re covered for when disaster strikes?

Disaster can affect your business at any time, causing disruption to your business in many unexpected ways. Many businesses have no adequate disaster recovery plans in place, which leaves them vulnerable to day-to-day disruptions.

Disaster recovery (DR) focuses on restoring the IT systems critical to supporting business functions.

The cloud is a core part of Disaster Recovery; it relieves most of the tension with IT services; and, it provides a new level of business continuity. Cloud services like Enterprise Hosted Desktop means you no longer have to worry about data backup or disaster recovery, as this is taken care of as part of the CloudStrong service.